How To Prepare Your Home For Heat Treatment

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To ensure that all bedbugs are killed, and to eliminate the chance of reinfestation, there are certain actions which need to be taken to prepare your home for heat treatment.

Re-entry Procedure after Treatment:

Sleep Again Pest Control will have checked sensitive items in the house for infestation, but it is important to know that things you have on your person while you are gone for the treatment, can re-infest your house.

When you come home, it is important to remove your shoes and immediately wash the clothes you are wearing in HOT WATER, then dry at the highest possible temperature. This will kill any eggs you may be carrying on you.

Bagged clothes and sheets from the treatment prep should be treated the same way.

Remember that as far as your neighbours know, you have just had a routine treatment for allergies and animal dander completed. Regular guests to your house however should be informed and should follow the same procedures though, lest they be carrying eggs on them too.