Heat Treatment

How does it work? What will be done?

Our Process is 100% Natural.

Sleep Again Pest Control is proud that our equipment is made and manufactured in North America. Our tehnology eliminates bed bugs, mold, dust mites and allergens through the application of heat. The process will remedy your infestation problems without putting you or your family members' health at risk.

Sleep Again Pest Control's equipment is able to quickly reach a temperature of 140 degrees Farenheit. Bed bugs die at 122 degrees F. Our technicians will work in your home or business to both monitor and maintain the appropriate heat level in order to ensure pest elimination. If infested luggage has been transported in your vehicle, our technicians will use a high heat steam cleaning process to decontaminate your car, truck or van.

Preparing your home or business for extemination is relatively easy. Our representatives provide you with the necessary information regarding the process. Click here for more information.

Take a look at heat treatment in action!