Reclaim your peace-of-mind with discreet, effective live bed bug detection.

A bed bug resurgence is in our midst, and these little pests do not discriminate. The cleanest house or business can fall victim to an infestation, and these stealthy, sneaky critters can often be difficult to detect and treat.
However, bed bug detecting dogs are the #1 weapon in the crusade against bed bugs.

Bed bug dogs are highly trained to detect viable eggs and active insects in all stages of their life cycle. Boasting up to a 97% accurate detection rate, the bed bug dog is man's best friend when it comes to locating and eradicating bed bug infestations.

Sleep Again Pest Control offers effective and professional detection using Buddy, a NESDCA-certified detection dog.

Buddy's handlers are thoroughly trained, professionally certified and highly knowledgeable. In practice, this extensive training and certification allows for fast, efficient, and effective bed bug detection. Sleep Again Pest Control offers accurate and reliable inspection services for both businesses and homes. Following the detection process, we provide clients with a certificate of inspection.

Buddy and his handlers have been trained to detect live bed bugs and viable eggs, distinguishing old infestations that may include dead bugs, fecal marks, cast skins and empty eggs from active infestations. This way, failed extermination efforts can be readily detected.
Visual inspections are inaccurate and can identify only the most obvious signs of infestation. Since bed bugs are so adept to hiding, it is virtually impossible for a person to visually identify signs of early infestations -- the very time when extermination tactics will have the highest efficacy. Bed bug sniffing dogs, however, and more specifically, beagles like Buddy, have been specially bred for centuries to harness their sense of smell.

Their unique ability to smell even the faintest traces of scents makes them particularly suitable for bed bug detection.

Buddy is fully certified and his handlers have studied entomological and detection data from acknowledged and renowned bed bug experts.